About Us


We are Repent180brand.We at Repent180brand believe that Repentance is necessary and that everybody should be given an opportunity to Repent and Change ur mind. through our clothing we are expressing this with black and white to the point clothing. We also give you access to convenient products at affordable price tags.

This is the reason all of our products are selected after extensive research to ensure that our inventory is filled with items that fit our vision

We are in essence- an interactive, online company. We like to emphasize the word interactive. Since the conception of our brand, our main goal was to create amazing products that our customers could be apart of, in creating with us.


We want to make clear that Repent180brand is not just a clothing line but a way of life in that God requires of all of us to Repent and Change our minds. We also come to work everyday to make sure every customer receives not only an amazing one of a kind product, but also a one of a kind experience they will never forget. To us, the products we create are only part of the journey. We take pride in being a service company, and our mission is to inform and serve our customers during your experience with us.


repentence is Necessary



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